Door To Door Service Italy ⇆ Greece and Turkey

Autamarocchi develop an innovative, efficient and ecological "Door To Door" service to connect Italy and Greece and Turkey companies.


Our solutions: combined transport road and sea

We transport large quantities of goods from/to East Med with the RoRo shipping service:
  • All In, Door-to-door service
  • Import/Export customs formalities
  • Security Park and Geo Referenced (GPS) trailers
  • Huckepack curtainsider chassis P400, also Mega and Coils
  • Box Swap Bodies 45ft pallet wide available
  • Customs bonded warehouse in Trieste, Venezia and Piacenza
  • Track and trace

More security in the transport of your goods. + Efficiency – Emissions.

Strengths of our organization

  • We are in Trieste: Port of reference for the Sea Motorways to Turkey.
  • Centralized Customer Care.
  • Geolocated owned vehicles (Gps).
  • Customs services in Italy, Greece and Turkey.
  • Secure truck parking in Italy, Greece and Turkey.
  • Integrated service with the Autamarocchi Terminal network.
  • Service available with huckepack-roro chassis also coils type and box swap-bodies 45ft. pallet wide.
  • Specialization in general cargo, but also in the steel, automotive and fashion.
  • Warehouses available for consolidation, stuffing, customs inspection, transhipment and storage of goods.

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door to door service from and to Greece and Turkey?

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Features of our intermodal curtainsider chassis:

  • Homologations:
    • Huckepack,
    • Ro-Ro EN29367-2,
    • Railroad profile P400,
    • Safety EN 12642 Code XL - VDI 2700XL,
  • Equipment: 12 internal straps for load lashing, stop bars, lateral pillars.
  • Coils well and pillars for a secure coils transport
  • Internal dimensions:
    • Length: 13,60 m,
    • Width: 2,48 m,
    • Useful internal height: 2,75 m
  • Load capacity:
    • 34 Euro / Epal palletts (120x80).
    • 26 ISO palletts (120x100)
    • Max payloads 30 tons
  • Net tare weight 7,500 kg

Our certifications

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Who we are

Autamarocchi is one of the largest transport companies in Italy. The Group today has about a thousand direct employees and is active in various sectors all related to the core business of transport, with specialization in container and full truck load (FTL), both road and intermodal transport in Italy and Europe.

Autamarocchi has a fleet of 1,350 owned semi-trailers for different types of transport and 706 tractors; it is present with operating branches and container terminals in the main traffic hubs in Italy, such as the main ports and inter-ports. It is also present abroad with our companies in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and Turkey.